Being Brian Harvey

Former pop star Brian Harvey is recovering from his notorious and near-fatal accident in which he ran himself over with his own car. He questions his past in the spotlight and the whole notion of fame as he pieces his life and body back together, mistaking the press interest in his accident and the relationship with his girlfriend who is helping him recover (the glamour model Emma B) as renewed interest in a revival of his singing career.

"When I heard on the radio about Brian’s accident in which he ran himself over in his own car it sounded an impossibility. I was approached shortly after to make a film about him and I wanted to find out what had happened. Would he recover? How had things got to this point? I didn’t want it to be a celebrity puff piece, or sentimental because of his accident, but an opportunity for him to tell his story, set the record straight. It’s one of the most candid testimonies I’ve ever filmed -  dark, funny, sometimes grating and always refreshingly honest."

Clio David: Producer/Director/Camera

Transmission BBC1 10.35pm 13th December 2006
1 x 40mn documentary. Shot on Z1
One Life BBC Documentary strand


‘This is a terrific film – understated, objective, a tragic picture of a fallen man’
Sam Wollaston, The Guardian

‘A wholly unexpected and pleasant surprise, Being Brian Harvey is more than celebrity puff….funny and honest’ David Chater, The Times

‘This is a corker’ TV Times

First clip

Second clip