Cannabis Psychosis

The first documentary to look in depth at the effects of cannabis on mental health, this film was made in conjunction with the Institute of Psychiatry research programme and the Maudsley NHS Trust high security psychiatric wards. Inpatients tell their stories as well as teenagers who smoke heavily, unaware of any possible long term affects.

"Cannabis Psychosis was one of the hardest films to make in that there was so much resistance to the idea cannabis could be and do anything but good – it’s a natural drug with positive - even idealised - associations.
"I made the film was because I grew up in a small town where a lot of people smoked cannabis heavily, some of whom went on to develop mental illness. I was interested to find out if there was any scientific evidence of a link other than my own anecdotal experience".

Clio David: Producer/Director/Narrator

Tx 10:30pm 17th December 2002 Channel 4
1 x 50mn documentary IWC Media


Clio David bucks the trend in a revealing film about the downsides of cannabis useThe Guardian

‘a brave programme, especially for Channel 4’ The Independent

‘makes out a strong case without being alarmist’ The Telegraph

"More Dangerous Than Heroin" - long article in The Times, 11 December 2002

"Crazy Joint Venture" - Evening Standard

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