Follows three women as they give birth to their babies alone at home with no medical care or supervision. Known as ‘freebirthing’, this birth cult originated in the US as a reaction to the ‘over-medicalisation of birth, which takes the experience of birthing away from women’. Will they give birth safely – and is it even legal in Britain?

"The film was all about giving equipment to the women to film their own births. Of course we set the equipment up and told them which button to press, but for legal reasons we weren’t allowed to be there in case anything went wrong with the births. The footage they got was the most powerful in the film and was unprecedented viewing for primetime television".

Clio David: Producer/Director/Camera

Tx Channel 5 9pm 9th July 2008
1 x 50mn documentary. Shot on Z1


‘A compelling and emotive documentary, which raises many questions around the rights of giving birth’ Sky TV

‘a real and unflinching portrait of natural childbirth - as well as a reminder of how unusual it is to see uncensored images of women giving birth and breastfeeding on primetime TV…an absorbing film’ Guardian review

‘a sensible, balanced film’ David Chater, The Times (Pick of the day)

‘these are three of the most life affirming stories of motherhood’ The Observer (Pick of the day)

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