Georgia’s Story: 33 stone at 15

Fifteen years old and weighing 33 stone, Georgia Davies has been dubbed by the tabloids as the ‘fattest teen in Britain’. She embarks on a physical and psychological journey to save her own life by enrolling at a ‘fat camp’ in North Carolina, USA, which uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to help teenagers regain control of their bodies. This is the first of three films for BBC’s Headroom season looking at the psychological aspects of eating disorders in teenagers.

"I was initially interested in the BBC Headroom brief to make a film that wasn’t in the mould of all the other ‘fat’ films you see on television. They wanted to look at the psychology behind eating disorders and I thought the most surprising and inspiring thing about Georgia, apart from her determination to lose weight, was her insight in to her condition and the spiral she’d got in to - the reasons behind her addiction to food. She had an old head on young shoulders and had experienced a lot in her short life. It was amazing to see her do so well and emerge a different person in the four months we were filming."

Clio David: Producer/Director/Camera

Transmission BBC1 10.35pm 21st April /15th May 2009
1 x 50mn documentary


‘this humane film managed to explode some of the most commonly held stereotypes about obesity, drawing a subtle picture’ The Independent, Weekend Review

‘this is about as responsible as programmes about overweight people get’ Sam Wollaston, The Guardian

‘Georgia’s Story is a considerable source of encouragement and hope’ David Chater, The Times preview

‘a moving documentary…treated sensitively, this isn’t a freak show masquerading as a documentary’ Sky TV

'The sweet thing about Georgia’s story was the way it confounded your cynicism' Tom Sutcliffe, The Independent

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