My Big Beautiful Wedding Dress

An observational documentary commissioned to look at weight issues through a different prism, it follows two plus-size women who set up a bridal shop exclusively for plus-size women. They help brides in the lead up to their weddings, who like them, feel sized out of the mainstream bridal market.

Clio David: Producer/Director/Camera

Tx BBC1 7th October 2014
1 x 60mn documentary


'Far from being a Big Fat Gypsy Wedding-style look-and-scoff documentary, this is really about attitudes to weight issues'.
Jane Rackham, Radio Times

'Jo and Alison are cracking women who like a laugh but as we follow the stories of two brides-to-be while they go to fittings and attend a masterclass in confidence-building, it's clear they are very serious about what they do...and are very good at it too'. TV Times 'Choice'

'"The only thing we specify is that you've got to be fat," adds Cooke. "It's no good coming here if you're size 12 because we've got nothing for you." But what really tugs at her heart-strings is the reaction of the brides themselves. "It's not unusual for someone to walk through those doors and cry.'" Mail Online

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