Storyville: Who Am I Now?

This film follows TV journalist Sheena McDonald’s journey to piece her life and memory back together after suffering a brain injury from being hit by a police van four years earlier. She asks her doctors, family and neuroscientists if and how her identity has been changed and where it is located in the brain.

What makes us who we are?

"It was an honour when Roger Graef asked me to make a film telling Sheena’s story back to recovery from her brain injury in 1999. It was framed as a big story, with big questions about the nature of consciousness and what makes us who we are. Was Sheena the same person as she was before the accident? With her then-partner and now husband, Allan Little, appearing in the film, it also became a love story as well as a brain story. A lot of things make us who we are - can neuroscience ever quantify the levels of complexity and subjectivity that make up the narrative of our lives?"

Clio David: Producer/Director/Camera

Tx 9pm BBC4/BBC Scotland 20th January 2004
1 x 60mn documentary Storyville Films of Record

BBC "Who Am I Now? web page


‘a frank and fascinating investigation’ Time Out

‘a compelling and intimate film’ The Guardian

‘what could so easily have been a bitter, mawkish quest has produced this paradoxically good-humoured and touching film’ Radio Times

‘a remarkable piece of TV’ Lorraine Kelly, Sunday Post

'fascinating to share her persepective on the experience' Daily Telegraph